Client Reviews

The people have spoken and boy does it sound good! At Awaken180° Weightloss we always put the client first. Don't take our word for it, take a look at what they have to say

Client Reviews

The people have spoken and boy does it sound good! At Awaken180° Weightloss we always put the client first. Don't take our word for it, take a look at what they have to say

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Karen Murray Avatar
Karen Murray
2/25/2020 - Facebook

I would highly recommend Awaken180 as a safe and effective way to lose weight.
The Peabody location is very helpful and has supported me at every step of my weight loss journey.

Gerry Fitzgerald Avatar
Gerry Fitzgerald
2/14/2020 - Facebook

Excellent program ,easy to adhere to .Wonderful supportive staff at the Peabody location.. They seem so interested in your personal journey ,its a pleasure to meet with them every week, they are so knowledgeable about nutrition and weight loss .. Keep up the good work guys you are making a lot of people feel and look a lot better... ... read more

Richard G. Blais Avatar
Richard G. Blais
2/25/2020 - Facebook

I have been on the program since December 2, 2019. That day has truly changed my life. The photo of me sitting is in October 2019 and I had reached my heaviest of all time (475) I was disgusted with everything. I started to try to correct things but said I’d go through... read more

Pamela RH Avatar
Pamela RH
2/13/2020 - Facebook

The best program ever - and I've tried them all - some a few times.😀 As a Type II Diabetic, this program has changed my life, overall health, and the way I look at food forever. I could've never done this without the dedicated and amazing coaches at the Peabody location! I haven't reached my goal yet but I'm as... read more

Michelle D. Avatar
Michelle D.
8/22/2019 - Google

This program will change your life....don’t wait, do it now!

Dan P. Avatar
Dan P.
4/27/2018 - Google

The team at Awaken 180 has been fantastic. My wife and I are almost 6 weeks in and are right on track to hit our aggressive goals. (33lbs in 5 weeks) The program works (I travel 2 weeks a month for work) and the ease of the meal plan and the coaching and encouragement provided has been a... read more

Mark Quattrocchi Avatar
Mark Quattrocchi
2/12/2020 - Facebook

Absolutely love the team at Awaken180!!!!

Jim Waterman Avatar
Jim Waterman
2/27/2020 - Facebook

Been going to Quincy for a year now,down 50 lbs,couldn't have done it without the great staff down there, though I miss Lefty!

Jennifer Anne Shields Avatar
Jennifer Anne Shields
2/01/2020 - Facebook

Awaken180 is the absolute BEST weight loss program, I assure you; all-around inspirational! Most importantly: it works! This program is: top notch- directs you to want it, exceptional positive team always there for you- in an effort to overachieve your goals! I’m telling you: if you follow the program to a T, I PROMISE you- you will see results! When... read more

Kimberly Barnes Avatar
Kimberly Barnes
2/14/2020 - Facebook

Program is effective, team in Peabody is super!

John S. Avatar
John S.
9/20/2019 - Google

I love everything about the Awaken 180° program. It has helped me lose weight and feel healthier overall. My sleep has improved and my medications have decreased. The staff in very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the program in general, specifically the Quincy office.

Alex S.

Charles H. Avatar
Charles H.
10/27/2019 - Google

I have done south beach , I,ve done Low protein carb tracking ..all with my weight and health fluctuating. Awaken180 is the best weight loss program I’ve ever done. I have lost over 30 lbs and feel great

Kathleen Morrissey Avatar
Kathleen Morrissey
2/25/2020 - Facebook

The Seekonk office crew are terrify! It is a welcoming and supportive environment. I am in week 2 and based on my results, I am very motivated to see more results!

Makayla Robillard Avatar
Makayla Robillard
2/19/2020 - Facebook

I love this program. Maria started with my dad and I up in Quincy, now we drive down to Seekonk just to see her! She’s helped us so much on our journey and even made me a new eating plan to work around my working schedule.

Lisa D'Alessandro Brown Avatar
Lisa D'Alessandro Brown
2/28/2020 - Facebook

Awaken in Peabody have been wonderful. They always have an answer for me and if my consultant may not know they will certainly find out. I have been coming here for a year and a half. I promise you, THEY’LL STAND BEHIND YOU.