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The premium, easy, long term weight loss solution conveniently located just east of Providence in Seekonk, MA.
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Rating: Reviews: 181

Mindy S. Avatar
Mindy S.
5/14/2018 - Google

I have been on the program for 8 weeks and have reached my goal. The program is so easy to follow and the weight comes off without too much thought... read more

Dan P. Avatar
Dan P.
4/27/2018 - Google

The team at Awaken 180 has been fantastic. My wife and I are almost 6 weeks in and are right on track to hit our aggressive goals. (33lbs in... read more

A G. Avatar
A G.
11/03/2019 - Google

What great team at this location. Always supportive. I am looking forward to my maintenance plan.

Lana Drew Avatar
Lana Drew
2/24/2020 - Facebook

The Staff in the Seekonk office are friendly, encouraging and great to work with. They are there for you every step of the way.

Mags Shields Avatar
Mags Shields
2/24/2020 - Facebook

the program really works if you stick with it. staff are friendly, supportive, and helpful. the only drawback is the cost

Michelle D. Avatar
Michelle D.
8/22/2019 - Google

This program will change your life....don’t wait, do it now!

Amanda L. Avatar
Amanda L.
1/04/2020 - Google

This program really works, I have lost 43 lbs. Postpartum, I tried EVERYTHING and this was the first thing that actually worked. I have learned to clean up my diet,... read more

Chad W. Avatar
Chad W.
4/23/2018 - Google

The girls at the Quincy office are amazing!! Jamie, Allie, and Silvia always greet me by name and have big smiles on their faces. It always feels more... read more

Brendalee Cederlund Avatar
Brendalee Cederlund
2/24/2020 - Facebook

The lovley ladies, who are the team at Awaken 180 in Quincy, are fabulous! If you follow the rules and let this great team guide you and cheer you... read more

Don Macarthur Avatar
Don Macarthur
2/21/2020 - Facebook

Ok I have said it before but it is worth repeating. Awaken 180 is the best program I have ever been on.. AND I have been on them... read more

Nicole Bonfiglio Avatar
Nicole Bonfiglio
2/21/2020 - Facebook

The program is easy to follow and has enough leeway that you don’t feel super restricted. Best of all it produces results effectively and quickly! The food is pretty good... read more

Susan Clegg Avatar
Susan Clegg
2/28/2020 - Facebook

Awaken180 Seekonk was the best decision I ever made. The staff is so positive and encouraging, they make you want to work hard. Thank you for helping me stay on... read more

John Gregson Avatar
John Gregson
2/14/2020 - Facebook

If you need a structured program this is for you. I am so glad I stumbled on Awaken 180. I go to the office in Swansea and have met amazing... read more

A G. Avatar
A G.
10/28/2019 - Google

My experience was fantastic. I reached the goals that the staff recommended for me.

The staff was professional, encouraging and very knowledgeable.

I’m now on the maintenance plan and look...
read more

Charles H. Avatar
Charles H.
10/27/2019 - Google

I have done south beach , I,ve done Low protein carb tracking ..all with my weight and health fluctuating. Awaken180 is the best weight loss program I’ve ever done.... read more

Join the thousands who have found success with Awaken180° Weightloss!

Let us help you reach your goals and feel more confident!

Thousands have, so why not you?

Let us help you reach your goals and feel more confident!

Thousands have, so why not you?

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Our Judgement Free Office!