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Dan Powers

Apr 27, 2018 Seekonk

The team at Awaken 180 has been fantastic. My wife and I are almost 6 weeks in and are right on track to hit our aggressive goals. (33lbs in 5 weeks) The program works (I travel 2 weeks a month for work) and the ease of the meal plan and the coaching and encouragement provided has been a key to our success. Yes it requires diligence and commitment just like anything else, but if I can make it work with my schedule anyone can.

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Client Reviews

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    After many failed attempts in other programs, awaken 180 is the real deal. no gimmicks, straight forward counseling, easy to follow program. no cravings. 43 pounds down in 15 weeks, off my blood pressure medication and feeling confident that i will reach my goal. life changing.

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    A combination of coaching, accountability and a high protein/no sugar diet. i am in fat burn and the weight is coming off each day. looking forward to reaching my goal weight!

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    It works, i'm down 60 lbs in 12 weeks and really don't want to eat anything that got me up to 266 lbs anymore the staff at seekonk is great and the program works

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    This was the first time i've ever had to go on a diet. at age 50 i realized i was getting carried away with my weight gain, i weighed in at 280 lbs. i knew i had to lose weight and change my way of thinking. after hearing radio commercials i figured i would give it a try and commit myself to the program. after 10 days l lost 14 lbs and my hips and knees felt so much better. the following 2 weeks i lost 10 more lbs. i feel better, my waist line is going down, and my kids don't make fun of me as much. some days it's easy, other days can be tuff, i think about pizza, pasta, cheeseburgers....all the good stuff right. i know there's light at the end of the tunnel and eventually i'll be able to enjoy these things again but with common sense. i'm getting closer to my goal every day and i'm really proud of myself for doing this. i'm just an average guy who never thought about what i was eating and decided it's time to do something. if i can do this anyone can do this as long as you commit yourself to the program. some people might read this and think that i'm on the 180 payroll...i'm not. they asked me to write a review and this is my review. getting help starts with yourself, after you decide to help yourself 180 will give you the tools and info to take control of your life. it might take longer to lose the weight, might be quicker, but you'll never know unless you try. stick with it and you'll be glad you did and you'll know you made one of the best decisions for yourself in your life. hope this helps and good luck!!

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    Great customer service and knowledgeable and very helpful! the experience is top notch! loved this place and am looking forward to a continued success with all of the staff's help!!

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    I really enjoyed doing awakening 180. the staff are very friendly and they feel like they are a part of my family. i am down 40 pounds and feel amazing. i would recommend awakening 180 to everyone it really works.

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    The staff is great, very helpful and friendly. i'm very happy with the results.

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    I have always struggled with losing weight. a friend suggested that we join a-180. i did and am happy to say that i have lost 25#. i know i have a ways to go but i am confident that if i stick with the plan i will get to a healthier weight and lifestyle . thanks to the seekonk staff for their coaching and support!

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    So far the experience has been great. i love the variety of foods. the whole staff is great and super supportive.

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    I joined a-180 right after retiring as my first promise to myself to get healthy. i'm happy to report that i have lost 25# in the 6 weeks i've been going there. the weekly weigh ins are beneficial . the seekonk counselors provide positive support and good coaching .i'm within 20# of my goal weight and am confident that with their support and the monthly maintenance weigh in that i will be able to maintain the weight loss. thanks a-180 seekonk!

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