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Phone (617) 472-2180
Address 550 Adams St
Quincy, MA 02169
Sun Closed
Mon 9:00am - 5:00pm
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Wed 9:00am - 5:00pm
Thur 9:00am - 5:00pm
Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sat 10:00am - 12:00pm

Chad Whitman

Apr 23, 2018 Quincy

The girls at the Quincy office are amazing!! Jamie, Allie, and Silvia always greet me by name and have big smiles on their faces. It always feels more like I'm visiting friends than going in to be weighed. They have made this experience a lifestyle and I'm so very thankful for their support and direction. I am now well on my way to a new healthier me. Thanks Awaken 180 Quincy, you are the best!!

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Client Reviews

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    I have been going to awaken 180 quincy location for about 10wks. i am down about 25 lbs. these gals are so amazing, knowledgeable and give me love and support each week. thank you jamie, ali, jojo and sylvia. you chicas rock!!

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    Awaken 180 has been an unbelievably fantastic experience. this is due, in part, to the wonderful program, but mostly due to the phenomenal staff. at each appointment you are greeted by friendly staff members who are supportive and there for you every step of your weight loss journey. i am thankful for the staff i have met along the way and wouldn’t be where i am today without them, or this program. i highly recommend visiting awaken 180, quincy location, if you’re looking to start a healthier lifestyle. you won’t be disappointed.

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    This program is amazing ! the people that work there are even better ! if you are thinking about trying something new this is the answer. allie and silvia are the best they are so patient and helpful , so is everybody else . i was very uncomfortable walking in there they made it so easy ! thank you for this life changing experience i could not have done it without you guys !

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    I feel so fortunate to have found awaken 180. a year ago i walked into the quincy location 40 lbs heavier and not feeling great about myself. today, i am healthier and happier than i have been in years. the program is easy to follow, and adaptable to real life situations. in addition to the weight loss, the program tracks and analyzes the “behind the scene” body activity.... visceral fat, muscle, body fat, body water %. the quincy staff has been with me all the way.... their knowledge, guidance, patience and support have made my success possible. and a special thanks to jamie z for her help during the past year. give it a won’t be disappointed. thank you awaken 180.

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    This program is super easy to follow. i actually enjoy most of the food. you receive so much support; everyone in the quincy office is amazing.

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    My experience at awaken 180 in quincy was fantastic. everyone there is extremely helpful. sylvia was my conscious. if i had a bad week she was right there to put me back on track. jamie gave me tremendous support and was able to uplift my spirit during those hard weeks. allison was amazing at adjusting my food plan to my specific needs. anyone i work with there was always incredibly nice and fun to be around. they make you feel like part of a team when you're in the building. i lost over 40 pounds and have kept them off for 4 months in the maintenance program. i would recommend awaken 180 in quincy to anyone that asked!

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    The staff in the quincy are very welcoming in supporting your weight loss journey. they encourage you and give you some great meal ideas. supportive and caring is what you need to accomplish your goal. quincy staff has that.

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    After hearing so many repeated advertisements on sports radio, i was finally intrigued and decided to find out what the program was all about. i had my doubts that i could lose so much weight within a short period of time. boy, was i wrong. i reached my goal within an eight week period, and, i’m now on the maintenance program and continue to lose weight(down over 30 pounds!) i actually look forward to my monthly weigh-ins to visit the friendly, smiling faces at the quincy location. sylvia kept me on track throughout the program and she was a great inspiration. the staff at the quincy location made what could be a stressful time, a lot of fun! keep up the great work!!!!!!

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    The team at this location is awesome. jamie was not only knowledgable and super patient with my many questions (which she always had thorough explanations for that helped me to understand), but she was a pleasure to deal with and had lots of good tips and tricks to make the program easier to be successful with and help me manage my hangry moments. jojo helped me out when jamie wasn't there, and she was great, too. having a team that is enjoyable to work with really made a difference in helping me through the program. this program is not easy, but it works!

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    Everyone at awaken 180 in quincy is amazing. the staff is very encouraging and are willing to answer any and all questions. i would highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking for help changing their lifestyle and relationship with food.

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