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Phone (617) 472-2180
Address 550 Adams St
Quincy, MA 02169
Sun Closed
Mon 9:00am - 5:00pm
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Wed 9:00am - 5:00pm
Thur 9:00am - 5:00pm
Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sat 10:00am - 12:00pm

Craig Galvin

May 09, 2018 Quincy

This program is amazing ! The people that work there are even better ! If you are thinking about trying something new this is the answer. Allie and Silvia are the best they are so patient and helpful , so is everybody else . I was very uncomfortable walking in there they made it so easy ! Thank you for this life changing experience I could not have done it without you guys !

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Client Reviews

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    Fantastic from day one ! if you want to lose weight this is the place, the girls in quincy are all amazing. it's as simple as following the plan and the weight will come off. i am down 85 pounds in 17 weeks. thank you

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    Quincy location is fantastic.

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    Everyone at the quincy location were great! awesome experience. still recommending to everyone who asks.

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    I love everything about the awaken 180° program. it has helped me lose weight and feel healthier overall. my sleep has improved and my medications have decreased. the staff in very friendly and knowledgeable. i would highly recommend the program in general, specifically the quincy office. alex s.

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    Working mom and keeping up w little kids! staff at quincy location is great for different strategies helping me work thru tough weeks and celebrating great ones! 20+ still going and not wanting to eat every carb in sight! awesome!

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    I joined awaken 180 in quincy in january 2018. when i walked into their center i tipped the scales at 306 pounds. my doctor wanted me to consider some sort of gastric bypass surgery. after about 10 weeks in, i had a follow up with my doctor and surgery was off the table. in 14 weeks of following their program and advice i dropped 58+ pounds. my initial program just ended and i didn't hesitate to signup for another 14 weeks. the program was working for me, why stop now? the service provided goes far beyond the food and weigh ins. when i had the odd bad week, we'd discuss what as going on and whomever was helping me that day was always ready with a plan to get me back on track. the staff is super friendly. i don't feel like my weekly weigh-ins are an "evaluation" or that someone will be judging me. it is more like some great people trying to help me succeed. if you are like me, and have struggled with weight, it is worth checking out for a consultation. fair warning, the price to the plan may seem a bit high, but do all of the math. when i factored in what i was spending eating out, drinking beer, and eating poorly, i very quickly got within 10% of the program cost. also, think of it as an investment in yourself.

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    I am in my ninth week out of ten and i will tell you this absolutely works if you follow the program i've lost 35 lbs in those 9 weeks and will definitely hit my goal! also the staff is friendly and helpful allllll of the time even at the end of the day when i'm always running in the door when everyone is ready to go home. thank you everyone at quincy 180!

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    Joining awakin 180 has been a life changing experience for myself & my husband lou. all the staff are truly amazing & always make us feel great. they've been very informative throughout our 10 weeks. since reaching our goal weights we both feel the healthiest we've been in years. it's such a pleasure to check in during our maintenance period & say hello to everyone... best diet ever with true results!!! so thankful!

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    This is the best place ever. the girls are great and they have really cool pens.

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    Great and helpful staff, program is strict but results make it worth it.

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