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The premium, easy, long term weight loss solution conveniently location off route 1 in Peabody, MA.
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Rating: Reviews: 147

Jeff G. Avatar
Jeff G.
5/20/2020 - Google

Fantastic from day one ! If you want to lose weight this is the place, the girls in Quincy are all amazing. It's as simple as following the plan and the weight will come off. I am down 85 pounds in 17 weeks. THANK YOU

Pamela A. Avatar
Pamela A.
10/19/2019 - Google

I am a Type 2 diabetic and have not been able to get my glucose numbers and weight under control. After one week on this program, my sugar numbers have changed drastically, for the better. I have stopped my short-acting insulin and reduced my bedtime insulin significantly and lost a total of 10.4 lbs. I have no more cravings for... read more

Derek Dubois Avatar
Derek Dubois
2/21/2020 - Facebook

The program is straight forward and easy to follow. It’s a great way to get your body and diet back on track quickly without the yoyo with the maintenance program at the end, once you meet your goal weight

Arlene Miguel Avatar
Arlene Miguel
2/29/2020 - Facebook

Friendly, positive and great weekly feedback in Seekonk, MA.

Jennifer Anne Shields Avatar
Jennifer Anne Shields
2/01/2020 - Facebook

Awaken180 is the absolute BEST weight loss program, I assure you; all-around inspirational! Most importantly: it works! This program is: top notch- directs you to want it, exceptional positive team always there for you- in an effort to overachieve your goals! I’m telling you: if you follow the program to a T, I PROMISE you- you will see results! When... read more

Scott Lacaillade Avatar
Scott Lacaillade
2/25/2020 - Facebook

Awesome so far...loss of nearly 30 lbs in four weeks

Ken A. Avatar
Ken A.
6/12/2020 - Google

For years I have struggled with weight loss. I have tried more programs than I care to count. Unfortunately I didn't have much success with Awaken 180. Despite strict adherence to the program in the time I was on it (about 10 weeks) I only lost about 8 LBS. You may be wondering why I would give the program 5... read more

Nick Gemelli Avatar
Nick Gemelli
2/18/2020 - Facebook

Awakening180 Weightloss gave me the tools to lose the weight and lower my blood pressure. The coaches at Peabody have been a pleasure to deal with - I strongly recommend Awaken180 to anyone looking to lose the weight for good!

Mark F. Avatar
Mark F.
11/26/2018 - Google

Started the Program at 271 and 16 weeks later was 209. I cannot say enough good things about the Awaken 180 program. The Staff at Peabody was incredibly helpful and made the whole process very easy. I think they have hit every facet necessary to help you lose weight and with the life time maintenance keep it off. Probably the... read more

Joey Notorantonio Avatar
Joey Notorantonio
2/28/2020 - Facebook

Staff is awesome! Been on the program two weeks and I’m already down 13lbs. Program has been way above my expectations. Definitely recommend!

James Thomas Avatar
James Thomas
2/28/2020 - Facebook

I love the staff and the food and the care that they had for me as a person. Every staff at thee Seeekonk store were professional and friendly and they proved that weight loss can work. I lost 17 lbs in 5 weeks on their scale and at home I lost 21! I never felt judged and they were all... read more

Cliff Ponte JR Avatar
Cliff Ponte JR
2/20/2020 - Facebook

5 Stars for me! I came here about a year ago a little nervous. The staff was informative and professional. I lost 30 pounds in a matter of months and maintained it. Even when I was not good for that week the staff got me back on track. Best investment of my life. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tom DelGreco Avatar
Tom DelGreco
2/25/2020 - Facebook

the staff at Peabody office are fantastic. always greeted with a smile every time i go. This really works and they always provide great information and I continue to learn every time.

Kathleen Morrissey Avatar
Kathleen Morrissey
2/25/2020 - Facebook

The Seekonk office crew are terrify! It is a welcoming and supportive environment. I am in week 2 and based on my results, I am very motivated to see more results!

Carol David Avatar
Carol David
2/05/2020 - Facebook

I am thrilled with the results I have gotten after a very short time with Awaken 180! It is exactly what I needed - more disciplined in the beginning and then customizable as you start on your successful journey and introduce more options. The flexibility of other programs did NOT work for me, I need guidance. The... read more

Join the thousands who have found success with Awaken180° Weightloss!

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