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The premium, easy, long term weight loss solution conveniently location off route 1 in Peabody, MA.
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Chris Mueller Avatar
Chris Mueller
9/15/2022 - Google

Awaken180 just works, plain and simple. I did the At Home program with virtual coaching, and lost nearly 30 pounds in my 6 weeks on the program. It was easy, everything was laid out for me in a way that made sense, and the weekly coaching I got from Sam was great both for motivation and for answering any questions... read more

Carla Goulart Avatar
Carla Goulart
9/14/2022 - Google

I had been struggling to lose weight for some time and heard great things about Awaken 180! I decided to go to the Seekonk location and the program really works! It's easy to follow, my weight drops every week and the Awaken 180 girls are so supportive and accommodating.

Lisa Morriseau Avatar
Lisa Morriseau
9/14/2022 - Google

The staff in Seekonk have been awesome!! Very helpful and always have great tips on keeping on track! Feeling better than I have in years. Thank you!!

Antonio Goulart Avatar
Antonio Goulart
9/14/2022 - Google

Seekonk location is the best all the girls are great very helpful awesome experience highly recommended

Sue Avatar
9/08/2022 - Google

Love the Auburn crew! Very helpful to reach my goal. Thank you all. I'm very happy with the program.

Richard Garis Avatar
Richard Garis
9/07/2022 - Google

Everyone at the Seekonk location is amazing. Couldn't be happier with the program and support they give.

Jesse Maynard Avatar
Jesse Maynard
9/07/2022 - Google

Very happy with the program, staff, and results. A program that truly works

Shannon Maynard Avatar
Shannon Maynard
8/31/2022 - Google

With awaken 180 I was able to accomplish my weight loss goals and gain so much knowledge and confidence . After having two kids I struggled to loose some stubborn belly fat and tried so many different workout programs and food plans with no success and much frustration I would loose interest after a few weeks. It was always one... read more

jean Avatar
8/31/2022 - Google

Great program, great team at the Littleton office. I have been able to lose more weight than I ever could I have lost on my own. The support and knowledge I received kept me going. I am currently on the maintenance portion of the program and continue to lose. Best decision I could have made!!

Lynda Bedard Avatar
Lynda Bedard
8/31/2022 - Google

To see the difference in the mirror is jaw dropping and then to realize it’s me is phenomenal!!! I can’t thank all the women who held my hands and made me believe that this was possible enough!! What a great staff - love you all

Kimberley Mahon Avatar
Kimberley Mahon
8/24/2022 - Google

I am happy with my first week with Awaken 180 weightloss. It is definitely a change that you need to be committed to following. The people seem really committed to helping me to succeed. I will just need to let myself accept the support and encouragement that they are offering.

Brad Maher Avatar
Brad Maher
8/20/2022 - Google

I had a few friends that went through the program (all look great) and I listed to WBZ every morning and constantly hear about Awaken 180. I didn't have a ton of weight to loose however whatever I was trying in the past just didn't last. My goal was 15 pounds in a month and I lost 12...and... read more

Lenny Rowe Avatar
Lenny Rowe
8/20/2022 - Google

Lost almost 12 lbs in the first week and I was not hungry.

Tony Rollins Avatar
Tony Rollins
8/17/2022 - Google

Lost 30 lbs in 10 wks!

Jeff Burrer Avatar
Jeff Burrer
8/10/2022 - Google

When I started the program in February, I had many reservations that it would work for me. I was at the point of scheduling my Bariatric surgery when I had a "Come to Jesus" moment. I thought what would it hurt to try one more time. I have tried many (9) times to lose the weight (diets,etc) As... read more

Join the thousands who have found success with Awaken180° Weightloss!

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