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Mark Finnerty

Nov 26, 2018 Peabody

Started the Program at 271 and 16 weeks later was 209. I cannot say enough good things about the Awaken 180 program. The Staff at Peabody was incredibly helpful and made the whole process very easy. I think they have hit every facet necessary to help you lose weight and with the life time maintenance keep it off. Probably the best aspect was learning from the staff the best foods to eat and when to eat them. From start to finish the process was super easy. This is the place to go if you seriously want to lose weight.

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Client Reviews

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    4 weeks in and 18.6 lbs down! super friendly staff make each visit very encouraging. before and after photos say it all! yay!!

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    I am a type 2 diabetic and have not been able to get my glucose numbers and weight under control. after one week on this program, my sugar numbers have changed drastically, for the better. i have stopped my short-acting insulin and reduced my bedtime insulin significantly and lost a total of 10.4 lbs. i have no more cravings for anything sweet, feel full all the time, and have more energy than i’ve had in years. i am astonished by my results of only one-week and look forward to continuing this journey to wellness. an amazing program!!

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    This review is based on my personal experience. the coaches and staff members are extremely friendly and professional which really makes the environment more welcoming...this program has been challenging and requires a lot of self control but despite that the results are extremely worth it. i've lost 36 pounds in seven weeks and have made a remarkable change on my health and self esteem and i couldn't be more appreciative of the crew members from the peabody branch and i would recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with weight loss, thank you every one for being so supportive throughout every week.

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    I have always been skeptical when it comes to weightloss programs and diets, but upon stepping foot inside the awaken 180 peabody location, meeting the staff and learning more about the program i became committed to hitting my goals. i walked in weighing 273lbs (my all time high) and had a goal of 200lbs. what did this mean? i was about to embark on a journey to lose 73lbs in 14 weeks. i am proud to say that i 55lbs down today through 11 weeks and this program is rock solid and straight up works. i have 3 weeks left and i am 18lbs, 3% bodyfat loss and 1 point of visceral loss away from my goal and this program has already been life changing for me. i feel great, i look great, i have more energy than i have had in 15 years and i now sleep without snoring. i have dropped 4 pant sizes and this program has been life changing for me. i can honestly say that if you are interested in shedding some weight and having a tried and true program on your side then awaken 180 is worth some serious consideration. lastly, the staff members i have met with up to this point are so knowledgeable and passionate that it has become contagious. i am a huge fan of ramon (gentleman i first met with) and emily (woman i have met with most frequently for my weigh-ins) as they have been great support and coaches. you can tell they care about the people they meet with and they are a big reason why i am pro awaken 180. thank you to you all and i can't wait to hit my end goal and then jump on the lifetime maintenance program to sustain a 200lb version of myself.

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    Awaken 180 is a great way to lose weight. the staff is always cheerful and friendly. ramon has been with us every step of the way. my husband has already reached his goal but still continues to lose weight. i am over halfway to my goal and with continued support from ramon i have faith i will reach my goal too. we have been married 32 years and weigh less now than we did then. we feel this is the greatest step we have made to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

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    Simply awesome!! lots 40bs in 10 weeks and staying at desired weight for past 4 months. if i can do it, anybody can!! love everybody in peabody office!

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    As a soon to be 60 y/o menopausal, hypothyroid female, i seemingly woke up one day with 30 (well, more like 40) extra pounds of hard fat right in the upper/middle of my belly. as a veteran dieter, i started doing keto, paleo, weight watchers, and a whole food plant based diet--anything i could think of to try and get rid of those pounds without any success. i would lose a pound here or there that would immediately return. i started awaken180 at the peabody location the end of march. as of today, i am down 15 lbs of pure body fat. i'm down from an xl to a medium size clothing. i have amazing energy and absolutely no cravings! night sweats have stopped too! it's been an amazing journey. the staff has helped "tweak" the plan so that i get maximum results in minimum time. i had 1 week were my weight stayed the same from an indiscretion and the staff helped me get right back into fat burn and the weight went down again the next week. i went on a 2 week active vacation taking some products, some recommended snack-like substitutes with me and my blender. my goal was to maintain for those two weeks. i was absolutely stunned that i managed to lose weight--on vacation! steady, consistent weight loss without exercise unless you want too. i eat out without difficulty and even get to add butter to my veggies (it's dieter's heaven). the staff has always been friendly and positive. they are very knowledgeable and supportive. i'm always asked if i have anything coming up for the next week so i can go to whatever fully prepared with a plan in place. i would have never thought eating as much recommended fat would allow me to burn body fat the way it has. if you have any doubts, don't! this is an amazing plan, at an amazing facility with amazing staff. and-it works! even while in menopause. and even with an under active thyroid! with awaken180 peabody-yes. you. can!

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    Started the program at 271 and 16 weeks later was 209. i cannot say enough good things about the awaken 180 program. the staff at peabody was incredibly helpful and made the whole process very easy. i think they have hit every facet necessary to help you lose weight and with the life time maintenance keep it off. probably the best aspect was learning from the staff the best foods to eat and when to eat them. from start to finish the process was super easy. this is the place to go if you seriously want to lose weight.

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    Where do i begin? well, for me it was my childhood. growing up in an italian-american household food was not merely a "source of energy" - every meal was a feast, every meal was a celebration! and in my family of five (ma, dad, sister and brother), my "chef-level" parents would make enough food to feed a small army. it was all so delicious; however, it played a pretty large role in my "huskiness" as a child and through my teenage years. fast forward... needless to say, i ran a marathon in boston nearly 40 pounds heavier than the weight at which i trained for it. the result: a devastating back injury that resulted in being sidelined for almost 2 years following the marathon. now the weight really started packing-on. i tried that well-known weight management program 5 times... 5 times, i absolutely failed. nothing was working. i kept getting heavier and heavier. in the midst of these failures and rapid weight gain, my wife and i welcome our daughter into the world. for our daughter's sake, we knew we needed to make a change. i had heard the awaken 180* commercials on 98.5 the sports hub almost hourly for months. hearing scott zolak and jim louth speak of their success with the program. then, from steve difillipo about his success. all seemingly credible sources, but i was skeptical. then one night i was listening to "nightside" on 1030am and heard dan rea (a person for whom i have profound respect for) speaking of his success with the program... i never knew he had struggles with weight. hearing him speak of his success was what "put me over the edge" and made me call. i live in prides crossing, ma so i chose to do my consultation at the peabody, ma office. i still remember the day i dialed that number for the first time. i was so nervous. i was so scared. i was so skeptical. i had tried to lose weight so many times by this point and had failed miserably in each attempt. the day of my consultation arrived. i came into office and received a warm welcome from the staff. this is when i met ramon for the first time. he was warm, caring, friendly, and honest. i instantly felt much better about the journey i was about to embark on. i then met the rest of the crew as they set me up with my first "trial bag" of the awaken 180* products. that fateful day was august 8, 2018. this date will forever be ingrained in my memory, as this was the day my true-life "guardian angels" - the entire awaken 180* weight loss team came into my life! six weeks into the program and i have lost 37 pounds!!! 37 pounds in weeks - when on the other "programs" i would fluctuate up-and-down 2 or 3 pounds for months at a time. i am 37 years old, a proud husband and father, am a teacher/houseparent and the owner of gaeta entertainment - i am a very busy man! but even with how busy i am, this plan works! it all starts with the awaken 180* team. their knowledgable, friendly, engaging, and caring staff know each client's profile in-and-out and are always there to help! i am on the road a lot traveling from gig to gig and i know that if i have a nutritional question, i can always call and one of the friendly team members will answer my query. the support system is second-to-none! i know some of you reading this may be skeptical - but i am a man of my word. i paid the full price for this system. i am not a "paid participant". let me tell you - i would have paid 5-times more than my cost to feel as good as i feel right now! there is no price that you can put on your health! stop contemplating. stop waiting! if you want to get into the best shape of your life, it all starts with nutrition! health comes from the inside-out! my only regret with this program is that i hadn't started my journey sooner. i am nearly halfway to my goal of 80 pounds and nothing is going to stop me! with the help, love, guidance, and support of the awaken 180* team, in the words of kevin garnett, "anything is possible!!!" thank you to the entire awaken 180* team! i love and appreciate all of you and all that you do! thanks for helping to save my life!

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    This program works! after yo-yo dieting starting in college i have finally found a program that is simple to stick to and really sets you up for success. as a 33 y.o. mother of a 15 month-old i was struggling to keep up with his active little body, but now i am about two months in and down almost 20 lbs with so much more energy and motivation. i really have the wonderful staff to thank for the constant encouragement and confidence building as well as their endless information to make the journey go as smoothly as possible. it also doesn’t hurt that the food tastes good and definitely keeps you full. i can’t wait to see myself progress further down this weight loss journey with awaken180!!

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