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Lisa Boni Avatar
Lisa Boni
2/15/2020 - Facebook

I find the program really easy to follow and I never feel hungry! Everyone on staff is friendly and helpful each week when I check in. I am happy I made the decision to join this program it really has made a difference in how I feel and look.

Lisa D'Alessandro Brown Avatar
Lisa D'Alessandro Brown
2/28/2020 - Facebook

Awaken in Peabody have been wonderful. They always have an answer for me and if my consultant may not know they will certainly find out. I have been coming here for a year and a half. I promise you, THEY’LL STAND BEHIND YOU.

Brian Flynn Avatar
Brian Flynn
2/10/2020 - Facebook

Down 24 lbs in 30 days . I have never ever come close to losing weight this quickly. I’m 56 years old and losing weight has always been a grind for me . I hate to use the word easy but this is the easiest diet I have ever been on . The food is Actually good and I get... read more

Kerry Walsh O'Toole Avatar
Kerry Walsh O'Toole
2/29/2020 - Facebook

This is a great program!!! The staff is AMAZING!!! Keeps us on track to continue our weight loss journey!!!! Check them out in Seekonk!!!

David K. Avatar
David K.
4/27/2018 - Google

This 180 location is staffed with wonderful professionals. Since joining I've lost the weight, feel great and been taken off all medications by my primary care physician. I'm a busy professional, active and physically in good shape. They have taught me how to eat in a healthy way. The program works, it's that simple.

John OConnor Avatar
John OConnor
2/25/2020 - Facebook

Staff was excellent. Very knowledgeable and encouraging. Program was simple to follow and conveinient for business travel.

Nick Gemelli Avatar
Nick Gemelli
2/18/2020 - Facebook

Awakening180 Weightloss gave me the tools to lose the weight and lower my blood pressure. The coaches at Peabody have been a pleasure to deal with - I strongly recommend Awaken180 to anyone looking to lose the weight for good!

Jeff G. Avatar
Jeff G.
5/20/2020 - Google

Fantastic from day one ! If you want to lose weight this is the place, the girls in Quincy are all amazing. It's as simple as following the plan and the weight will come off. I am down 85 pounds in 17 weeks. THANK YOU

Katie Yasigian Avatar
Katie Yasigian
2/12/2020 - Facebook

I have always controlled my weight with reasonable diet and exercise but after having two kids I couldn’t seem to get the weight of two consecutive pregnancies off. This program did the trick!! I lost 30 lbs in 12 weeks and two months out it has been easy to keep the weight off. The coaches are very helpful and the... read more

Andrew Benn Avatar
Andrew Benn
2/26/2020 - Facebook

I’ve lost 28 pounds on Awaken 180 since September. The program works. Very happy.

Kimberly Barnes Avatar
Kimberly Barnes
2/14/2020 - Facebook

Program is effective, team in Peabody is super!

Mark F. Avatar
Mark F.
11/26/2018 - Google

Started the Program at 271 and 16 weeks later was 209. I cannot say enough good things about the Awaken 180 program. The Staff at Peabody was incredibly helpful and made the whole process very easy. I think they have hit every facet necessary to help you lose weight and with the life time maintenance keep it off. Probably the... read more

Brendalee Cederlund Avatar
Brendalee Cederlund
2/24/2020 - Facebook

The lovley ladies, who are the team at Awaken 180 in Quincy, are fabulous! If you follow the rules and let this great team guide you and cheer you on, you'll undoubtedly be successful.

John S. Avatar
John S.
9/20/2019 - Google

I love everything about the Awaken 180° program. It has helped me lose weight and feel healthier overall. My sleep has improved and my medications have decreased. The staff in very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the program in general, specifically the Quincy office.

Alex S.

Michael A. Avatar
Michael A.
10/28/2019 - Google

My experience was fantastic. I reached the goals that the staff recommended for me.

The staff was professional, encouraging and very knowledgeable.

I’m now on the maintenance plan and look forward to checking in with them on a monthly basis.

Michael A.

Join the thousands who have found success with Awaken180° Weightloss!

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