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Dawn Warsofsky

May 10, 2018 Newton

I joined AWAKEN 180 last year and had great success. I'm back this week and Jamie in Quincy is who brought me back. She is a great motivator and holds me accountable, which is exactly what I need. The tools of the trade that she shares as well as her knowledge of nutrition is key to getting healthy and being successful on this journey. Thank you Jamie and the QUINCY staff, you all inspire me!

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    This program really works, i have lost 43 lbs. postpartum, i tried everything and this was the first thing that actually worked. i have learned to clean up my diet, trust in my coaches at awaken 180 and how to stop the cravings. i feel better, look better and know that this is just the beginning. on 10/21/19 i was 241, today i am 198... it’s amazing! i recommend this for anyone and yes people complain about the cost, but if you factor in dining out and being sick, it costs about the same.

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    This has been a life changing experience for me. thank you!!!

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    I love awaken180. i feel like it probably quite literally saved my life! 72 pounds down and on maintenance. i never would have been able to do this without them. it seems expensive at first but from this side of the program i can say that for me, it was worth every penny. thank you awaken180. you gave me my life back. and thank you girls in newton for your support.

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    I have done south beach , i,ve done low protein carb tracking ..all with my weight and health fluctuating. awaken180 is the best weight loss program i’ve ever done. i have lost over 30 lbs and feel great

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    Awaken 180 changed my life and i couldn’t be happier

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    Started the program at 271 and 16 weeks later was 209. i cannot say enough good things about the awaken 180 program. the staff at peabody was incredibly helpful and made the whole process very easy. i think they have hit every facet necessary to help you lose weight and with the life time maintenance keep it off. probably the best aspect was learning from the staff the best foods to eat and when to eat them. from start to finish the process was super easy. this is the place to go if you seriously want to lose weight.

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    Started @ 254, could only get to 243 on my own. start 8 week program @ 243 end @ 208 2 months later, @ 205. playing basketball, running again. thank you awaken 180. update: 7 months, stil 205

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    Awaken 180 program is amazing. if you follow it, you will lose a significant amount of weight in a short time. staff are extremely friendly, greet you by name and are excellent providers of both nutritional information and cheerleading as you lose weight!! i have tried numerous diets and programs and have failed in the long run. this program offers both diet support and counseling to keep the weight off. the focus is on the whole person not just weight. recently went on vacation and staff helped me to adjust diet as i travelled. thanks to all the awesome staff at awaken 180 newton!!

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    I joined awaken180 quincy 2 months ago. i'm down 30lbs already. jamie and her team are truly amazing ladies. they are great motivators and they hold me accountable each week. i enjoy seeing their smiling faces every saturday morning. the quincy location rocks!! kenny

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    I joined awaken 180 last year and had great success. i'm back this week and jamie in quincy is who brought me back. she is a great motivator and holds me accountable, which is exactly what i need. the tools of the trade that she shares as well as her knowledge of nutrition is key to getting healthy and being successful on this journey. thank you jamie and the quincy staff, you all inspire me!

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