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The premium, easy, long term weight loss solution conveniently located accross from Government Center in downtown Boston.

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Our newest location in downtown Boston is now open! Leave your information to become one our first clients in our beautiful new office!

Phone (857) 310-5931
Address 3 Center Plaza Suite 340
Boston, MA 02108
Sun Closed
Mon 10:00am - 6:00pm
Tues 9:00am - 5:00pm
Wed 10:00am - 6:00pm
Thur 9:00am - 5:00pm
Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm
Sat Closed

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Client Reviews

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    The girls at the quincy office are amazing!! jamie, allie, and silvia always greet me by name and have big smiles on their faces. it always feels more like i'm visiting friends than going in to be weighed. they have made this experience a lifestyle and i'm so very thankful for their support and direction. i am now well on my way to a new healthier me. thanks awaken 180 quincy, you are the best!!

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    Amazing staff, incredible support, and vast knowledge. this program is the most effective i have ever done and has become a new healthy lifestyle for me. thank you, awaken 180 quincy!

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    I listen to sports radio a lot and have heard about awaken 180 weight loss program. i found my completely out of shape and grossly overweight. i decided to call awaken 180 and see what their program was all about. when i went to their quincy location is welcome in by there pleasant staff. i was well informed about the program and how it works. they told me about how the results are with their with client base. i found myself very interested in this program and signed up the same day. the first week on the program i least 9lbs! i have since lost about 40lbs and still dropping the weight. this program gives you enough product and support to help you achieve your goals. the staff in quincy is wonderful! they always welcome you as soon as you walk in the door. they go over your weekly success and your overall success. i have recommended the weight loss program to many people, i make sure to tell them that the staff in quincy is truly a special group.

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    Great program and great people. recommend going in for a consultation if you think you want to do their program.

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    I have been going to awaken 180 quincy location for about 10wks. i am down about 25 lbs. these gals are so amazing, knowledgeable and give me love and support each week. thank you jamie, ali, jojo and sylvia. you chicas rock!!

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    I feel so fortunate to have found awaken 180. a year ago i walked into the quincy location 40 lbs heavier and not feeling great about myself. today, i am healthier and happier than i have been in years. the program is easy to follow, and adaptable to real life situations. in addition to the weight loss, the program tracks and analyzes the behind the scene body activity.... visceral fat, muscle, body fat, body water %. the quincy staff has been with me all the way.... their knowledge, guidance, patience and support have made my success possible. and a special thanks to jamie z for her help during the past year. give it a wont be disappointed. thank you awaken 180.

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    I joined awaken 180 in quincy in january 2018. when i walked into their center i tipped the scales at 306 pounds. my doctor wanted me to consider some sort of gastric bypass surgery.\n\nafter about 10 weeks in, i had a follow up with my doctor and surgery was off the table.\n\nin 14 weeks of following their program and advice i dropped 58+ pounds. my initial program just ended and i didn't hesitate to signup for another 14 weeks. the program was working for me, why stop now?\n\nthe service provided goes far beyond the food and weigh ins. when i had the odd bad week, we'd discuss what as going on and whomever was helping me that day was always ready with a plan to get me back on track.\n\nthe staff is super friendly. i don't feel like my weekly weigh-ins are an "evaluation" or that someone will be judging me. it is more like some great people trying to help me succeed.\n\nif you are like me, and have struggled with weight, it is worth checking out for a consultation. fair warning, the price to the plan may seem a bit high, but do all of the math. when i factored in what i was spending eating out, drinking beer, and eating poorly, i very quickly got within 10% of the program cost. also, think of it as an investment in yourself.

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    Tired of trying to lose weight through diet and exercise on your own? not one for weighing, measuring or counting calories? awaken 180 is the place for you! a simple plan with unmatched results, the quincy location also offers one-on-one support, monitoring and advice. furthermore, these lovely and professional ladies are not just your weight-loss counsellors, they serve as your life coaches. they're there to lend an ear, share their stories and to do whatever it takes to make your encounter a successful one. my life has changed in the most positive ways thanks to the staff, and i will value the life-long relationships i've built there, forever! what are you waiting for? call jamie today!

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