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Julia Hahne May 16, 2019
How to handle social pressures while losing weight

While avoiding negative people while you are on a diet may be impossible, how you react is your choice. Here are some tips and strategies to hopefully make your next encounter easier!

Racha Husseini Mar 21, 2019
Stock Up for Success: 5 Convenient Essentials for a Healthy Weight

Having a well-stocked kitchen and pantry is a powerful tool that can save you time, money, stress, and keep your weight in check! With these essentials, some planning, and creativity, you’re bound to whip up a great meal that will help you slim down without missing out on flavor or nutrition.

Kaitlyn Toole Mar 7, 2019
Three Tips for a Healthy Weight Loss Journey

These “failures” are all normal parts of your weight loss (or maintenance) journey and, more importantly, these failures are temporary. You will always have the opportunity to get back on track. If it’s been a while, come and see us for a weigh-in. We’re here for you and we’re happy to help.

Paige Doyle Jan 31, 2019
6 “Healthy” Foods That Can Slow your Weight Loss

There’s so much information about nutrition out there that it’s hard to know what to listen to! We hear conflicting information each day, from news sources, friends and family, and your personal trainer. What do we listen to? Who is right?

Natalie Taylor Jan 29, 2019
5 Reasons Why Water Should be Your Go-To Drink

Water consumption can improve your health in many ways and aid in weight loss. Consider trading the sugary beverage for a cold glass of water in the future!

Casey Sether Jan 7, 2019
How to Set (and Achieve) Your Goals!

Are you ready to commit to yourself and to your goals, keep promises to yourself, make lasting changes, and improve your life? If your answer is yes, start by taking the next 4 steps. If your answer is no…take the next steps anyways! You have everything to win, nothing to lose, and you will never be more ready than you are right now. So, let’s get started…

Kaitlyn Toole Dec 4, 2018
Black and White Thinking: The Danger of Believing that Success is Perfection

The best thing you can do for yourself if you find yourself falling into a pattern of black and white thinking is reminding yourself that one small misstep does not define your whole day, or even your whole meal. A mistake is just that: one mistake.

Alicia Rodden Nov 20, 2018
The Power of Setting Goals

Goal setting is an effective way to accomplish your goals and see results! It allows you to hold yourself accountable and feel motivated along the way. I hope everyone can get closer to accomplishing their goals by starting with SMART goals!

Paige Doyle Oct 29, 2018
5 Ways to Lose Weight with Less Exercise

Our whole lives we've been taught that weight maintenance comes from managing calories in and calories out. Just eat less and exercise more. Deny yourself anything that tastes good, and spend 2 hours each day at the gym. Sure, this sounds simple. But don't you think there could be a better way? Don't you deserve to find a better way?

Casey Sether Feb 13, 2018
Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On Before Helping Others

Contrary to popular belief, putting yourself and your health first is actually the least selfish thing you can do. Save yourself today, save the world tomorrow!

Linda Roberts Dec 8, 2017
Strategies for Success Through the Holidays!

Tips and tricks to staying healthy throughout the holidays!

Alicia Garofalo Oct 31, 2017
Positive Attitude and Energy!

Words and thoughts have a major impact on our ability to succeed, and utilizing positive self-talk can be crucial to that success.

Alicia Garofalo Jul 11, 2017
Your Scale Does Not Define You

You are much more than a number! Visceral fat and body fat are more important than your weight, which depends on many factors and fluctuates daily!

Jeremy Lopez May 1, 2017
How Eating More Fat Can Boost Your Energy

Your body gets very different energy from fat metabolism than energy from carbs. Sugar metabolism generates less energy and can result in insulin resistance.

Paige Doyle Apr 13, 2017
How to Prevent Cravings and Manage your Hunger

Sugar cravings are not your fault, they are because of your hormones. If you address your diet the right way, you can stop your hungers and cravings for good!

Alicia Garofalo Mar 13, 2017
How's Your Stress Level?

Stress can be very harmful to your health and weight loss. Proper stress management tools and techniques can help decrease visceral fat and improve wellbeing.

Taylor Messina Mar 3, 2017
The Low-Fat Trend: How The Sugar Industry Was Behind The Blame

The Low-Fat Trend: How The Sugar Industry Was Behind The Blame

Kelsey Harper Feb 24, 2017
How Losing Weight Changed My Life

Weight loss helped with my anxiety and depression, gave me confidence, and ultimately changed my life and my lookout on life.

Cate Vultaggio Feb 15, 2017
Top 5 Fears of Low Carb Dieting

Top 5 Fears of Low Carb Dieting